Happily Swimming in Valentine's!

Updated: Feb 23

That time of year was upon us again. Most, I suppose, dread the Valentine box building, but we look forward to it every year! We swim happily in the craft supply madness that seems to ensue the week prior to valentine's day and I truly enjoy all the mini lessons that come along with it! Homeschool win for us! The one time of year the smell of cardboard, overused burning hot glue, and at my house... pretzels, accompanies the inevitable stretch of felt cut too short, and tears from a great lack of communicating exactly what is seen in the mind of a child, as we try to get an image from imagination to creation! My kids have done so many, and of course we must dutifully keep all of them! I love Valentine's Day, honestly because despite that it is such a cheerful, absolutely fun day, it is also a day to really focus with your kids and purposefully make something that isn't for history, science, or something academic. It is just for fun! They experience such a feeling of accomplishment as well, because if you let them, it's their idea, their motivation. My kiddos chose to build a Nintendo Switch with an Animal crossing theme, and who would have thought... a Sony Walkman from the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Very fun! Really let them just be creative, and remember every mess is unmessable (that should be a word in Webster)! What a fun sense of pride and joy they can receive from this beautiful mess we call a Valentine's box!

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